Double Date gone TERRIBLY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a good friend does, I agreed to go on a double date last night.  Worst mistake I had ever made in my dating life. If I can get all dolled up, then can you at least come looking presentable?  I mean, really?  I wore skinny jeans and heels.  He wore a jogging suit with his version of a throwback jersey and kicks.  I was appalled and taken aback. I have certain physical particulars that I am attracted to and he didn’t fit any off those parameters.  He was short – 5’6 (I love them tall), tattoos EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere (don’t care for tattoos like that), eyes low (from chiefing), and he had already been drinking.  Plus, to add insult to injury he was ALL hands and talking about impregnating me.  WHAT??!!! It took everything in me to keep the smile on my face and NOT go RAMBO!!!

Talk about turned off.  You already have these negatives against you and now you touching me & mentioning babies.  I should’ve went “ham”, but I had to be a lady.  That felt like a set up.  That was absolutely awful.

Take my advice: Do not go on a “Take One for the Team” until you know the stats.  This time I took 2 to the head which was partially my fault because I didn’t provide myself with an escape route!!!!


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