Captain America 2 – WOW!!

All I can say is WOW!!!

I know I’m Johnny Come Lately because its been out for weeks, but so.  Don’t judge me! LOL

I loved every bit of it AND Anthony Mackie is undoubtedly a good-looking man – Ooooh &  Weee!!! Of course, you are too Chris Evans. 🙂  They made me want to learn those moves and even use those jet packed wings – (Ummm, maybe NOT) LOL.  It was so good it had another moviegoer screaming at the screen.  It was wonderific and fantabulous.  When I saw “Bucky” I couldn’t remember where I saw him until I got home.  I remembered then that I saw him in a movie called the “The Covenant” portraying a warlock.  If you have never seen Anthony Mackie, Scarlett Johansson, or Chris Evans in a movie then shame on you :).  If you have never seen Samuel L Jackson or Robert Redford in a movie then you have definitely been living inside of a bubble in the mountains of South Dakota far away from TV and civilization.  Now, that is full of shame.

Captain America

If you have not checked it out by now, its a major GO SEE!!!!



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