Racism – Alive and evidently doing well in LA

I will never turn a blind eye to the ignorance that plagues us everyday.  I may not reply in a manner in which people expect or desire for me to BUT, when you have racist comments like that then how do you expect me to respond?  We are here and so are you.  We aren’t going anywhere and neither are you.  Can someone please tell me why this continues to be an issue?  To me, it’s no longer the case of inferiority, but a case of “feeling entitled” and fear that plagues the people of America and beyond.

The LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling has some nerve.  You are DATINGBLACK woman, but you do not want her socializing with her own people or even bringing any of them to patronize your games.  You have a BLACK head coach and BLACK players on your team – how can you expect black people to not attend a game? Is your girlfriend the only black person you want to mingle with?  Or is she just good enough to sleep with?  We can go on and on with the slavery connotations, but I will digress. For anyone that doesn’t know what I am referring to please take a look at the link I have provided from Fox News or just do a quick search:

Fox News Comment on racial remarks from LA Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling

He is absolutely out his rabbit *** mind.  I wonder what he would do if people stopped coming to his games because of his ignorant commentary (hit those pockets and see how fast he changes his tune for the better).  I wonder will his girlfriend stay his girlfriend after that comment.   I hope the NBA gets to the bottom of this and quickly.  This is the 2nd ignorant comment I have heard directed at African Americans within the last 2 days.

We all stand under the umbrella of humanity and yet we continue to be divisive whether amongst ourselves or otherwise.  We are all intertwined whether we like it or not.  Businesses (and people) cannot fully thrive unless different group actually partake in the products and services rendered.  I thank my lucky stars that I do not have anything to do with the Clippers program.  I would pull all of my endorsements and services within minutes of hearing such a disparaging remark.




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