Food and Culture – Native Style


Yesterday, our monthly family outing took us to Zapatistas for lunch and to the DuSable Museum for a little culture.

For those that have never heard of Zapatistas, it is a Mexican restaurant in the South Loop.  I had their grilled chicken torta with a de la casa ensalada (salad).  Unfortunately, that is NOT what I went in there for.  They had a brunch menu that they decided to discontinue.  Soooo disappointing!!! I was coming in to either order their Mexican omelet or the Mexican Chilaquilas Skillet. Zapatistas – Bring back Brunch, LOL.  Go there but don’t be afraid of the spices.  Their salsa and guacamole has some “kick” to it.

The DuSable Museum was awesome.  It is the first, oldest, and largest black history museum in the country.  You would think being a native of the city that I would have visited the museum before, NOT.  I should be ashamed because it is on African American History.  I was so excited walking within those doors and seeing those great artifacts and reading stories of our soldiers.  I did leave feeling more knowledgeable but feeling like I missed something.  My sister had a great idea – adding information about the Black Panthers.  Right!  Good Idea!  The ideas started rolling in then.  How about adding inventors like Eli Whitney, Garrett Morgan, or George Washington Carver.  How about physicians like Vivien Thomas, Charles Drew, or Daniel Hale Williams?  If there is a budget for such exhibitions – how about creating replicas of those items each person used before the advancement of technology?  Now, that would be mind-blowing wonderfic. 🙂  If you have never visited this museum, go in and see all that it has to offer.  I recommend seeing the piece called, “Following the Drinking Gourd” before leaving.  The artist depicted so many pieces from “our” history into one piece that you could literally be there for quite some time conversing on each scene carved out.  Once you go, you will leave hungry for more.

So, Donate.  Become a Member. Or as they say in the museum, DuSomething






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