“Need to be Captured” Man on the loose

Someone needs to identify this person and drop him off in the middle of general pop at the nearest jail. How dare you sexually assault a little child? There are way too many demented people walking these streets and I wish I could just live in a bubble with the man of my dreams (LOL), like Common, Tyrese, Johnny Depp, Taylor Kinney, or Jon Ceda. I digress.

These streets have gotten so dangerous that I want to never leave home. You are in the middle of a China Buffet, where you should be enjoying some good food. How do you see yourself going in on something else besides food?

Check out this link if you are unaware of this story:Β Child Assaulted in Great Buffet bathroom

All I can say is parents/guardians, please be more diligent and observant with your children. Their innocence is being ripped from them sooner than it needs to be. It’s no longer about letting them grow up and be independent. It’s about keeping them save within their independence. It will always plague me on how did this guy get out of the restaurant unseen?

Keep your eyes open!!!


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