Dinner and a Movie

I always enjoy a good girls night out BUT when there are things that shouldn’t be the way they are it tends to taint the evening some.  The bar and restaurant we went to tonight had a wonderful ambiance but the food was so-so.  The prices were ridiculous.  I wasn’t pleased at all especially because it was so pricey.  I should’ve just gotten my glass of Malbec and called it one but I didn’t.  I understand that businesses tend to gauge their rates a bit because of their location, but DAMN!  REALLY???  It’s truly not worth the hassle.  I would state the name of the establishment but I think that would be kind of rude – a little bit (LOL).

The movie we saw was The Other Woman.  Some critics said it was funnier than Bridesmaids – NOT!!!  I laughed more at Bridesmaids.  The Other Woman had its moments of comedy, but I wanted to leave out needing stitches (lol).  All I got was a couple of chuckles and some hell naws.  That’s about it.  Oh wait! No – that’s not entirely true.  I did laugh when he grew breasts and sh*t in his pants.  There was also a scene where the wife, Kate was in the bushes and Cameron Diaz’s legs were behind her.  It made me think of a scene from Haunted Honeymoon with Gene Wilder and Dom DeLuise.  Plus, they gave Cameron Diaz some AWESOME outfits.  I would definitely wear 95% of her wardrobe from the movie.  You have you have to let them out some for my own personal comfort though – lol.  I have too many curves to compensate for.

So, if you are looking for a movie with some ditsiness & outlandish antics then this movie is for you.  FYI – Don Johnson looks pretty good and Taylor Kinney is fine.




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