Day at the Road to Essence Festival

Essence Collage Giveaways of Essence Kindred the Family Soul makeup Syleena Johnson

Today was absolutely great! From the performances of some of my faves to the giveaways (samples) I received, today was awesome to say the least.  I’ve never been to the Essence Festival in NOLA, but this event has made me really wish I could go this year.  I know it would be epic.

Recommendation (if anyone associated with today reads this): PLEASE have more than 2 people working the black is beautiful beauty tent.  I would say to have at least 3 people there.  I missed the chance to meet/greet the surprise visitor, Kem because I was standing in the line.  My sister and I stepped out of line to meet him to be told he has to leave.  Then, we went back to the line and lost our place to be pushed back another 30 minutes.  When we waited that time, we ALMOST missed Kindred the Family Soul.  At that time we were forced to take a group pic with other people waiting to meet them because they had to leave.  I ended up being cut in 1/2 in the picture.  I even missed Cynthia from RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta).  The beauty counter had the longest line of all the tents.  So, if you add at least 1 extra person to the roster of stylists it would provide people with the chance to meet/greet their celebrities of choice and do other things.  Once someone takes a break, the wait time is lengthened if you leave it to 2 stylists and not 3 or 4 (keeping 2 working).  Just some advice for the next event.

Unfortunately, I had to miss Full Force due to a prior engagement.  I was ready to dance like I was in the movie, House Party…lol  Ain’t my type of Hype was my song.

Oh, and the Patti Labelle Hot Sauce = YUM!!!

All in all, today was a good day!  If you missed it, you missed something special.



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