Taco Bell Cantina Menu

I can no longer buy anything on the Cantina menu at Taco Bell.  I thought I was getting something reasonably healthy.  Of course, after I’ve already bought/eaten the Veggie Cantina Burrito something told me to check their website for possible calorie information.  Low and behold there was an astounding number that it almost made me pass out in disgust.

720 calories for the burrito alone – BUT it has 1710 mg of SODIUM.  

I knew something was wrong when I got a headache (which I don’t get) and my shoes were feeling a little tight.  Those are my triggers for consuming too much salt.  I have to keep my BP in check and this meal just put it in jeopardy.  I will no longer spend my money in taco bell for anything more than a regular taco and I might not do that because I’m trying to stay away from red meat.  Looks like I’m not going back to Taco Bell.  Its a shame too.  That was my nephew and I place for lunch when he got out of school.

Here is the link for the Nutrition: http://www.tacobell.com/nutrition/information

If you partake in the Taco Bell menu regularly, just watch what you order. Health and Wellness is highly important and we need to take care of ourselves and eachother.


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