Men – WOW!!!

I went to the store today just to get some items for a new meatless meal I wanted to try out.

I run into a guy at the checkout and we are “friendly”, cordial talking about how slow the cashier was and so forth.  As I am checking out, he says “I would like to get to know you better.”

Of course, I smirk and say “do you have a girlfriend OR significant other?”  He says “yes, but we can be friends.”

((Now, see that is a dangerous situation because I’m not about to be put into a situation where you gotta explain who I am and get your girl to believe it.))


I say, “I’m not into complications and breaking up relationships directly/indirectly related to me.  So, you have a good day.”

Do you know what he said to me?

He says “I’m more attracted to you now because you have scruples.”

WOW!!!  Really?  I mean, really.  Days like this are the direct result into why I am single.  Whatever is walking these streets and we are doomed to be confronted with such “men” as that guy in the grocery store.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the interest and I was flattered.  When you see the line has been drawn in the sand that tells you where your cut off is.  Some men do not realize the dumbness that is conveyed in the comments they make.  Scruples?  Does your girl not have scruples?  What?  Any and everybody should have scruples.  It just sounded like he was in the market for a young/dumb chick NOT a semi-young and nowhere close to dumb chick, like myself.  It’s a good thing that he did tell me he was in a relationship because I wasn’t attracted even in the slightest.  Oh no!!!




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