Chicago Food Truck Fest


Chicago’s Food Truck Fest was cool,  but honestly it could’ve been better.  There was a 2 hr wait for food, per the young lady at check-in.  You had to pay for tickets for drinks, but still pay cash for food. 
We went to celebrate my sister’s birthday & majority of the time we were drinking.   We were only able to hit 3 trucks out of approximately 15. 

It might be my last time there.  It was way too expensive.   It was already insulting to pay to be in a parking lot not an actual building.

I was able to get my Harold’s chicken – lol.  They were the only food truck my brother gave his stamp of approval on sanitation (he’s a culinary student).

Oh, AWESOME JOB Chicago Cupcakes.   Loved the King Bee & Turtle cupcake


2 thoughts on “Chicago Food Truck Fest

  1. It WAS a mess. The worst-organized, most expensive Fest I’ve been to. If they would have given refunds they wouldn’t have been so scorched in social media. I predict it’s the last yr for any food truck Fest. Even with new organizers, their rep is ruined.

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    • It was not what I was expecting. We were already there for my sister’s birthday (in part anyway) & to wait 2 hrs for food was ridiculous and they were going to be there until 9pm. There were not enough seats, trucks, food, cups for drinks, & to add (as you said) super expensive. They should have had free admission, charged $20 for 15 tickets, and the food sold at no more than $5. It was a definite experience.


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