Dish of the week –


Yesterday, I made Zucchini Nachos for the Father’s Day BBQ & my family went Rambo on it.  It disappeared like they have never eaten vegetables before.  Even the mesh grill plate was no longer in sight. Today, I took it upon myself to make more, 1 because I can get seconds & 2 my parents didnt even get to try it.  I mean, com’ on.  How does 1 of the fathers not get any? It is what it is.
                                                                                                                       Hungry Vultures!!!
If you want to make them, it’s super easy.
Ingredients/instructions below:

3 sliced zucchinis
1 bag of Shredded cheese (I like pepper jack or mozzarella)
1 can of Black beans
1 cup Cut tomatoes (I use pico de gallo)
1 cup Cut green onions
1 cup cilantro
Top with avocado/sour cream (I use Daisy light)

Slice the zucchinis & coat with olive oil & desired seasoning (I use garlic powder & pepper)
Place on the grill for 5 minutes until tender.
Remove from grill and add cheese/place back into grill for another minute (allowing cheese to melt)
Once out add all the chopped veggies
Serve (while the cheese is hot & gooey)

If you dont have a grill, use the oven with the same time constraints.   I put my oven to 400 degrees.  You choose which best works for your stove.


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