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For the last 8 years, my family and I get together and participate in the American Diabetes Association project, Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes (and now) in loving memory of my grandfather, Lenbirg.  This year I am starting earlier than normal with asking everyone for their support in donating to this AWESOME cause.  It took until we started walking those years ago that Diabetes claims the lives of more people over AIDS and breast cancer COMBINED.  So many of us do not realize the danger that we are in because of the lack of exercise or the attention to the foods we consume.

I know, I know, I know you do NOT want to get involved, BUT lets change that mentality.  Yes – its $5, but that’s only $5 (& that’s the minimum).  Just image what that $5 can help accomplish.  It would be 1 day without that Starbucks coffee, or that McDonald’s hamburger, or a Buona Beef Italian Beef, subway sandwich, or even a happy hour drink.

PLEASE – get involved and HELP me to STEP OUT and fight Diabetes.  It would be greatly appreciated.

Click this link:

Choose Search for a team

The name of the team is Lenbirg’s Ladies & Gents (named after our grandfather)

Again, it is a minimum of $5.  If you can get your friends, co-workers, or family to donate as well that would be absolutely wonderific.



4 thoughts on “Fundraising – ADA Step Out

  1. a lot of people are battling with this disease in my country, together with my team we were able to achieve a significant point when we started giving our a patient a dietary supplement called #trevo, you can try it out too, it really worth it.


    • Well, my team WALKS for the cause and raises money for the research. We are not a medical team administering a drug or dietary supplement for assistance. Have you tried contacting the Diabetes Association and informing them of your efforts?

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      • no, i haven’t try that, can you link me up with a reputable organization that can help i will be very grateful. i’d tried some organization but they didn’t seem to understand. i really love to help people suffering from this disease.


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