Think like a Man Too


It is a definite MUST SEE!!!  I saw the movie today & I was pleasantly pleased.  Sometimes sequels do not live up to the hype and this time around it DID.

I appreciated that everyone was still within their relationship from the 1st movie.  Now, I am surprised that Michael Ealy & Taraji P Henson’s characters were still together.  She was a lil pistol (LOL).  Kevin Hart doesn’t have a bit of sense.  I mean, none (lol).  I felt you on that Roulette moment.  I would have gone Ape too!!! – Ha.  Las Vegas always brings out the crazy in people.  I know 1st hand – he he he.  Jennifer Lewis, miss Loretta, mmmaaaaannnnn……. if my mother EVER acted like that I wouldn’t know what to do.  I would be like, mama?  Do you know how long it took me to find him and you going all verbal Rambo on him?  Nope.  This ain’t happening.  Not today.  Not ever. LOL.

It hits many levels within relationships where people are able to relate.  I could watch it again, like NOW.  I can wait to buy it on DVD so I can play it over & over again (with my stomach in stitches).

Recommendation: GO SEE


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