Interviews – Interviews – Interviews

        I’ve gotten contacted by 3 different marketing agencies since Friday in regards to  positions that I’ve applied to.  I had an hour phone interview today and scheduled the other 2 for face to face interviews this Thursday.   Each of the positions have certain qualities that I have been looking for in their roles: business (supportive) and creative (design).  The only thing is, I absolutely HATE interviewing.  I come in with my game face on, but my stomach feels like its been punched and twisted like a rope.  I wish there was a better selection process than to have a person sit on a conveyor belt waiting to be chosen for packaging or rejected to the waste basket.  It’s unnerving.  You never have enough knowledge of the company and sometimes they seem so detached from the interview that it unnerves you too.  UGH!!!  All I can do is my best and hope to come out on top.

        I’ve never been contacted this many times within a short period about jobs.  It feels as though something spectacular is brewing beneath the surface & I’m getting excited.  It’s an awesome feeling to know you have these people seeing you as a contender.  When I get one or all of these jobs (have to choose), it will definitely show to all of those other companies that I’ve worked for that they didn’t hold me back.  Regardless of their need to keep me from growing, I was able to persevere in spite of their best efforts.

On the roster for consideration: 

  • Account Manager (Marketing Firm)
  • Program Coordinator (Marketing/Event Services Firm)
  • Design Coordinator (Marketing/Design Firm)

Now, i gotta get my suit jacket dry cleaned and the zipper on my pencil skirt fixed.  I got a big day coming up.  WOO HOO!!!


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