The SCOUT Chicago


Had an absolutely fantabulous Tuesday with a goodie at a newbie, The Scout.  This was our 1st time there & we were very impressed.  It was an ideal spot to catch up with my girl, to have a girls outing, or catch a game on the big screen like today (World Cup game of US vs Belgium). It was bananas in there, especially for a Tuesday.  The place was culturally diverse and busting at the seems at 2 pm.  2 pm!!!!  Wow!  I have never seen that before, EVER! Ha  People were screaming so much (at the TV) that we could barely hear ourselves and I must say that provided a certain charm.  It was nice to go to a place and feel the energy surging throughout the place.  We could come in and just truly dive into the environment without fear of being too loud or feisty (lol).

Recommendation: GO

The following is what I say you should definitely try:

Fish Tacos (1st time eating fish tacos): blackened cod w/ red cabbage and cilantro/lime yogurt

  • comes with sauteed green peas and sliced red hot peppers

House Sangria

Angry Orchard Apple Crisp (always a favorite)

Friggin’ Hot Chicken Wings

Sweet Potato Fries


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