Difficult vs. Not a Chance

I went to a former classmates’ house today for a Pampering event (which was nice by the way) and as always the conversation found its way to the subject of men.  Why is it so difficult to find a decent, God-fearing man to call your very own?  Are we doomed to stay single?  Do we seriously have to consider settling for less than desired?  Where the hell are they hiding?  They say as you get older the pool diminishes.  The thing is: I do not want the pool to diminish so much that it’s a puddle.  This was a room full of young successful women that find it extremely difficult to find a guy that actually is interested NOT looking for a booty call or Friends with benefits set up.  These little girls nowadays have ruined it for women who are trying to keep it together & who would actually support that man: spiritually, physically, emotionally.  The search is bleak & I’m starting to think that I am wasting my time searching for love in Chicago.  I’ve lived here all my life, practically, and I think it’s time to check other avenues.  I could at least get that.  The cost of living is TOO DAMN HIGH, gas prices are high, & unemployment is ridiculous.  Come on hometown.  I know you can’t have us out here like this…lol  I could blame the love of my life, but that would be petty.  Plus, I can’t blame him for not returning the feeling.   You don’t want it if you gotta force it.   It still hurts though.

Texas is looking better & better to me.  It was actually said that black women are treated as queens in England.  It looks like I need to make my way over there & try out some international love – Ha!  You know what tends to happen when you go some place new.  You end up meeting all kinds of people and BOOM – You got a man!  It’s time to ride & when I do, I’m not looking back.



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