Horror Movies!

OK – whomever is coming up with the concepts for these horror movies need to go back to the drawing board ASAP!  These movies have taken hours of my life that I cannot get back.  Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!  The Hole, Truth or Die, Haunting of Silver Falls, & Stitches are examples of movies that never should have been made.  Yes – this is my recommendation to NOT see these movies. I had to cut Truth or Die off mid way through the movie. I LOVE scary movies, but nowadays they fall flat.  I have to watch Halloween (originals) in order to get a slight crawl on my skin.  The SAW movies were more blood gushing disgusting than scary.  I mean, make me scared to where every noise freaks me out.  I’m talking about the noises in my house as I am watching the movie.  These movies aren’t realistic which of course makes it scarier.

Recommendation for Movie makers: Think LONG & HARD before making these movies.  It is a WASTE of money & time.


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