Afraid of Heights

I didn’t realize that I was truly scared of heights until the other night.  This is extremely weird because I absolutely LOVE roller coasters.  **I just happen to think to mention this now because I was watching an episode of Kourtney & Khloe take Miami & there was an aerial view of their hotel room.  I could see the drop to the ground & my heart skipped several beats – Ha.  The view was great, but no no.**  Anyway, I was at my friend’s condo in the South Loop & the view from her balcony was gorgeous, BUT nauseating, lol.  We were sitting there drinking & talking about life, but every other quiet moment I said to myself, “stay along the wall”.  If I could have sat in the wall I would’ve.  She was moving back & forth against the banister like it was nothing.  I’m like, show-off LOL; just let me know when you sit back down (I had my eyes closed when she stood up to look over).  When the Windy City’s wind started whipping around, then she said, “now, we can go in”.  Yeah, now we can go inn huh?  I’m shaking like a dead leaf on a live branch & now we can go in?  Right!

It was a cool experience though because it’s 1 that I do not experience often.  I plan on doing it again.  The more I do it the more comfortable I will be the next time.


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