Vertigo Sky Lounge Chicago

Has anyone ever been to Vertigo Sky Lounge Chicago at the Dana Hotel?

I would love to have my birthday party here, but I do not know anyone that has partaken the Vertigo experience (lol).  Photos online are great, but without that word of mouth endorsement it’s iffy.  I definitely need some awesome music (especially from the 90s), fantabulous drinks, & eye-bugging good looking men in attendance (lol).  These are ALL the things I need for a wonderific birthday.  Of course, I need my girls too doing what we do best…looking good & making impressions – Ha.

If anyone has been to Vertigo Sky, PLEASE tell me your experience.  Music Selection? Diverse? Pricey? Young crowd vs Older crowd?  I’m interested in it all.  My birthday is rapidly approaching in the next few weeks & I want to choose my venue.  I got my outfit already lined up & better believe I need my birthday spot to be HOT, STEAMY, & UNFORGETTABLE!!! *smiles*


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