Interview Waiting Process

I absolutely HATE the waiting process after an interview.

I interviewed for a job back in June.  It took almost 2 weeks before they contacted me again to take a Caliper Assessment.  It looked almost like an IQ test because there were number sequences & grids asking “what is missing”.  I completed that task because that was the next step since the Creative Director enjoyed our conversation.  Now, it will be 2 weeks tomorrow & I have yet to hear anything back.  I hate waiting like this.  Why do companies leave you in suspense if you supposedly had a great interview?  Why leave people out here in limbo when they are trying to progress to the next level?  No one is new the rejection letter or call (I know I’m not) so, if you have to go with another candidate why not just contact those not chosen & move forward?  I learned how to handle those situations in my management courses.  It’s not a pleasant conversation, but you do not want to leave a bitter impression of your company’s poor business practices.  That candidate might end up at a company that you need assistance from & they are your gate keeper.

This job would be awesome for me.  It incorporates everything that I have always wanted in a job, Art & Business.  Plus, I would be able to learn other aspects of Marketing as well like PR.   It would suck if I didn’t get it, but at least I can stop obsessing about it.  This is ridiculous.  Companies do this all the time.  I wish I had the capital to start my own business & keep it pushing.  These companies nowadays make it hard just to get in the front door.


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