Elderly Love

I was driving on my way to my grandparents house & I saw an older couple walking in the park.  **now, when I start thinking all kinds of thoughts come to the surface.  Thinking is so dangerous,  ha!**
Anyway, it was so beautiful to see.  They were holding hands having what looked like a deep convo.  For all I know, they could have been talking about what they wanted to eat for dinner…lol. It just made me think of the many mistakes we make in choosing partners.  We know this person isn’t right, but our desperation for having someone (anyone)causes us to settle.  Do we really not love ourselves enough to wait for the 1 God sends to us?
I ponder these things a lot & it continues to boggle my mind.  I actually know someone who would deal with ANYTHING just to say she has a man.   When I hear his name I cringe.  All my red flags start waving hysterically & yet none of hers even shift directions.  If they do, she ignores them.  If he is ashamed of his family (kids), has no ambition, isn’t family oriented, is more of a hindrance to you than a benefit, or he just doesn’t fit then he has to ride out on the fastest thing moving.  This goes for guys too.  So much of our time is wasted on nonessential things that we miss what’s for us.  Now, I’m no where close to a counselor or relationship expert, but I observe people closely.   I listen to you & I try to incorporate what I believe the Lord above would want.  Its married men out here trying to date. Men/women out here to just “kick it” not create a connection.  There seems to be more destruction than construction (building).
I do not want my friends to be alone or feel lonely, but I don’t want them hurt either.  My friends are too awesome for “trash”.  We need someone to grow old with, not one that makes us turn old, hair grey & all.


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