I don’t think I will ever eat another banana

I was on my way home from an interview (which sounded better online than in person, but whatever).  I got caught by a red light and continued to eat the banana I started.  *Now, every one does this.  When you pull up & stop, you tend to look at both sides of you, then proceed to look forward til the light turns green (or whatever you do).  When I looked to the left (which was the turning lane), the older gentleman had his window rolled up.  When I turned my head again (almost finished with the banana), I notice his window was rolled down now.  Of course, he had to say something.  “Did you save me some?”  I laughed & said, “sorry”.  At this point now I’m praying that the arrow would turn green so he could drive off.  I could have gotten passed it if he was a nice looking older man, distinguished, but no.  He was a scruffy looking guy with half his top teeth gone…lol.  Really?  Is that what’s out here for me?  Toothless wonders driving through preying on banana eating beauties – Ha!  I don’t think I want another banana – ever!  I will have to find another way to get my potassium.  That there – was out of sight!


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