Feeling all Poetic

What It Looks Like

The day I realized I was in love with you was the day I truly saw you.

Handsome, Mesmerizing, Intelligent, Funny, Charismatic, Intoxicating

Most of all, Loving

If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve married my soul mate at 22.

You embody everything I’ve ever wanted

I would like to say it was a mistake to pass on us, but I know it wasn’t

I was able to find myself as an individual

I was able to find passion & notice what love truly was when I opened my eyes

I was able to appreciate all the beautiful things life had to offer

I was able to recognize my flaws

I was able to find acceptance, tolerance, & peace within myself

I wanted to be the best me for you and not the shell of the woman I wanted to become

My feelings for you came full circle

You make me want to be better

You make me want to be wiser

You make me wan to be happier

You make me want to relinquish all of my walls

and just take you in completely without hesitation

I know that the opportunity has left & will never return, BUT

I needed to say that how I felt then is nowhere close to how I feel now

It was a journey I needed to take & I’ve learned so many lessons from it

So, with your unknowing help I know exactly what to keep an eye out for

I won’t settle for anything less than the best because now I know what it looks like

                                                                                                                                          – unknown


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