Fast Forward

I love musicals (not all, but a lot of them) & dance themed movies.   Fast Forward was a movie back from the 1980’s that was directed by the awesome, Sidney Poitier.  Yes, Sidney Poitier.  My aunt put me onto this movie when I was a little girl & have been hooked ever since (thanks Raine! – Ha).  It is practically a coming of age movie where 8 high school kids (2 boys & 6 girls) go to New York for a talent competition to get notoriety for their dancing, singing, and lyrical skills.  I watched it again today for the 1st time in a while & I must say, I’m tired.  Every dance I have to dance (lol).  So, at this very moment my thighs are extremely sore from the high kicks and squatting down.  It was one hell of a workout.  I know they got this movie buried deep inside hidden archives praying that it never resurfaces – ha.  I’ve seen one of the main male characters in various things since the movie & recently a commercial.  He played in one my favorite TV shows, Living Single.  If you do not know who he is, that is Don Franklin (a Chicago native).  Another male character I’ve seen in New York undercover and in an HBO show called Resurrection.  If you don’t know who that is it was Michael DeLorenzo.  The others I rarely see if ever.

Wait, wait, wait…the girl Valerie (who was dating Don Franklin’s character is Gretchen Palmer.  I knew I had seen her in something and I could put my finger on it.  She was in an episode of A Different World and she starred in a movie called Trois.  There are other movies that she is in but I never saw those to make the connection.  Her curly hair threw me off because I remember her with short, straight hair.  Awesome!!!


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