TV Show Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan is an old TV show about the Boston Medical Examiner office starring Jill Hennessy.  Tonight, I am watching an episode off Netflix called, “33 Bullets” from Season 6.  It makes me think of all the violence that has been plaguing our cities and other cities alike in regards to police shootings involving children.  In this episode, an 8 year old african american boy was shot 33 times and the cops are saying that he fired 1st.  A riot has broken out because the courts stated that the cops did not break protocol off the rushed records they requested from the ME office.  Jill Hennessy’s character, Jordan later sees evidence on the child’s body that looks like he shot a gun AFTER he was already dead.  Now, how does a dead body shoot a gun?  More importantly, why are you shooting at a little boy any way.  Normally, Jordan annoys me with her need to do extra and putting herself in harms way but tonight I was OK with it (I guess that means she played your character well).  When it comes to violence against children, color outside the lines to find the truth.  The Ferguson case and the Trayvon Martin case ring so close to this that it infuriates me.

We talk about this all the time, but no one ever wants to publicly admit that TV portrays actual real life events.  So much is happening out here that it is ungodly.  We are supposed to be acting as God wanted us and yet we are acting like neanderthal animals.  There are too many trigger happy, gun totting people walking the streets and there is truly no justice being held in the court system.  People wonder why police aren’t trusted.  This is happening live and in color in every day life.  How can you trust and believe in the penal system when you feel they are out to get you?

I remember listening to the radio the other week after the Ferguson shooting.  The discussion of the day was, “what do you believe is the motto of the police?”  I heard no one agree with “To Serve and Protect”.  Someone stated they believed it was “Us against Them”.  I am inclined to agree.  Things have occurred to my family at the hands of the police.  I will NEVER trust they will do me, my family, or my people right.  That is why I hate being called for jury duty.  Are we going to hear all the evidence?  Was the evidence planted?  Did you beat the confession out the defendant?   Policemen aren’t those you would go to for protection anymore.  There are so many crooked people in the “justice” world that you cannot begin to know who to trust; who will do their job thoroughly.  Video pops up all the time on the crimes committed by officers that took an oath to uphold the law and yet every time the verdict rings through it’s, NOT GUILTY!!!! Really?  Video evidence singing LOUD and CLEAR and yet they get off scott free.  If I ever get to the point where my money is doubling/tripling over, I’m moving out the country.  The violence here is despicable.  The Lord wants us to love one another and care for each other.  We are not living by God’s law.  We are living by man’s law.  If we were truly living how God intended, racial inequality, social/racial/economical injustice, disrespect, and evil mannerisms wouldn’t exist.

Until those people that do more harm than good get it right, I want nothing to do with them.


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