Dole Shakers

Dole Shaker


Dole has created an awesome easy to make blended shake for people on the go.  All you have to do is add juice and shake.  How simple and easy is that?

They have a NEW flavor called Yellow Power.

It has pineapple mango with sweet potato and carrot & a touch of greek yogurt.

It has 5g of protein and a high count of Vitamin A, C, and E.

Ever since 2014 started I have been watching everything that I eat and documenting it.  It was my only way of staying on the path of being happy & healthy (as the Cheerios ad says).  My clothes fit better and my body has transitioned where I actually see some differences and definition.   For me, I use the shakes as a great snack additive for the nutritious value and the filling aspect.  I’m a berry lover, so my favorites ones were mixed berry and strawberry.  Now, I think I found my new favorite flavor.  If you can fit fruit/veggies together and make me drink, then you are definitely a winner in my book – Ha!

 They have 3 new flavors: Yellow Power (Pineapple Mango), Red Power (Strawberry Raspberry), & Blue Power (Blueberry Banana).

If you have not tried any of their shakers, go to your local grocery store and pick up 1.


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