Duck’n & Dodgin an Ex

This weekend was touched with 1 highlight sighting and 1 I wish I wasn’t here sighting.

The highlight sighting came when I went to get my nails done on Friday.  My nails were freakishly horrid and had to be handled immediately because I had an interview today.  I ran into “Mama Pete”.  She is a girl from high school’s mother.  She is absolutely awesome.  She has always been very nice and sweet to me.  I hadn’t seen her in I don’t know how long and it was nice to catch up on current events.  She just retired this past Tuesday and was spending the day pampering herself.  It was definitely a pleasant encounter.

The wish I wasn’t here sighting came when my mother and I went to the grocery store in Oak Park on Saturday.  I had a close encounter of the nearest kind with my ex.  I hadn’t seen him since 2009 and I was trying to keep the streak going.  That day seemed odd because that store is never packed to the point we cannot move throughout the store.  As we are coming in, we have to finagle ourselves through just to get towards the other end of the aisles.  We end up seeing someone with his back to us and a floor associate asks him if he needs help which probes him to turn away from where I was.  Then, I turn around after we walk pass a few aisles and low & behold it was my ex.  The 1st thing I say to my mom is “Get me outta here”.  **I really didn’t want to see him EVER again and PLUS if I did, you gotta look like you on point.  My hair was stuffed under a hat and I wasn’t feeling super cute on that day.  I was cute just not super cute, lol.  It has always been said that you always go out looking your best in case you meet someone.  OK – I went out with my hair stuffed into a hat BUT to my defense I was going to my grandparents house so my mom could press my hair (YES – I still get my hair pressed, hot comb and all). **

So, my mom was like “go to the car and I’ll be out there in a minute”.   It takes her 20 minutes to get back to the car.  It took her a minute, 1 because she stopped at the deli and got a couple of their fries and some hot wings (right! – I’m trying to flee the scene and she buying wings, lol) & 2 he approached her as she was waiting in line.  It’s like, man why do you need to talk to my mom?  Act like you didn’t see her and move on.  Now, I am expecting him to pop up on my LinkedIn profile with a view since I cannot block him.  He is kinda my stalker.  It’s been 5 years and he is still a slight thorn in my side.  I’ve had to block his number and FB page so it looks like I no longer exist in his world.  I’m mad I drive the same car.  He doesn’t live that far from my grandparents house (like 3 minutes away).  I forget he even exists until someone mentions they saw him.  If I could go the rest of my life not hearing his name (referencing him) I would be an absolutely happy woman.  He is one of those that doesn’t catch the clues or accepts the straight shot to the forehead.

Some might say I still have feelings for him because we were together for 8 years and I’m trying to get away from him in a haste.  Umm, no I do not.  He is one of those people that doesn’t accept what is being told to him.  He likes to play games and create havoc in a place where only zen is welcome.  I was young and immature when I met him and keeping someone around who doesn’t fit into your life like you need them to then it’s lights out.  We waste so much time being with the wrong people that we lose sight of what we really want and need in life.  His excessive drinking didn’t help the matter either.  It was imperative that I took action immediately before things escalated.  8 year is a long time.  I learned many things about myself in the process, but I do not need to learn them again.  So, no encounter is not having feelings for him, but avoiding the idiocy that comes in tow.  We already know who I love so feelings for this dude is a no go.


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