Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Last night, I watched a show called Running Wild with Bear Grylls.  This show has celebrities taken out for 2 days living in the rugged unknown.

This episode Bear brought along with him journalist, Tamron Hall.  He took her to the mountains, hills, and trails of Utah.  OMG!  The place was gorgeous, but some of that stuff was a no-go for me.  The eating of the squirrel…forget about it.  They were walking along a trail and came upon a dead squirrel.  Bear said it was still warm and Tamron was like, oh no!  Exactly right!  Oh-no!  I am not eating a squirrel.  Bear wanted Tamron to pull the guts out and strap it to her bag until they found a spot to set up camp.  I was freaking out along with Tamron as she was attempting to gut the squirrel.   I had to tell my mom to let me know when it was over.  It was so disgusting.   I cannot begin to fathom why she didn’t have any cereal bars, granola bars, or some form of snack in her pack.  Those chocolates she had were not enough.  If I am rappelling from helicopters and mountain cliffs, I am bringing travel sized snacks to eat.  I refuse to eat road kill.

All in all, Tamron Hall stated that it was an unexpected spiritual journey.  I can truly believe that.  You are embarking on an unknown adventure with absolutely no control and relinquishing it into someone else’s hands.  I was in awe of the atmosphere and her ability to overcome her fears.  It looked like a pretty cool show.  It definitely put people in positions I know well I am not getting in.  I would shake in my underoos a little too much (Ha!).


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