Staffing Agencies

Throughout the last few decades, staffing agencies have been popping up everywhere and becoming the connection to employment for many job seekers.  They are the middleman between the two parties and handle all of the beginning steps on behalf of the client/potential employer.  I realized the other day that the majority of people calling me about employment are coming directing from staffing agencies.  Many of those staffing agencies are focused predominately on administrative skills and test you accordingly.

Why doesn’t all agencies test your skills in the areas you have an interest?

Lets take me for an example.  I have an interest in Marketing/Advertising/PR/Graphic Design.  Why not create assessments, seminars, or workshops to help those possible candidates learn the skills needed in order to have a better chance at getting those desired opportunities?  You could use that as a selling point to those clients driving their decision to at least meet those contractors.  It could be something that the contractor/new hire can place on their resume as an added boost.  In today’s society, companies always want their potential employee to have the necessary skills to just jump into a position running.  From a previous post, I quoted “You can’t get the job without experience, but you can’t get the experience without the job”.  Since this is becoming an issue on a larger scale, why not train the new hires to get those freelance, freelance-full-time, or direct hire positions?  All this does is demonstrate your willingness to help not only your client but your contractors.  For those people that are vying for the on-the-job training, it becomes disheartening to continue to sit back and watch your counterparts succeed when others refuse to even extend a hand.

Within all the positions I have held over the years, it looks like all of the work I have done are linked to administration.  That is 50% true.   Lets take into account the other 50%.  I have dabbled in the following: market research, event planning, HR (Human Resources), Presentation design, contracts, merchandise photography, sales and logistics.  So, if you have a strong candidate that needs just a little bit more hands on experience, create an opportunity that allows them the chance to get it.  Since staffing agencies make money off of the fees paid to them from their clients, then it would be a great step to help those contractors in obtaining those jobs.  One company in particular does that, but I wish they had more courses.  That company is called Aquent/Vitamin T.   Vitamin T is the sister company.

Aquent/Vitamin T have this section of their company called Aquent Gymnasium.  There are a handful of FREE courses you can take in order to familiarize yourself with certain things you might not have been able to get on the job training.  I was able to utilize their HTML/CSS course called Coding for Designers.  Now, I use it regularly just to familiarize myself with the inner workings of the tags and proper lingo.  I am contemplating on taking their UX Fundamentals course.  UX stands for User experience if you did not know.  This is great for those in web design.  With this being the technology age, I want to at least debrief myself on some of the fundamentals that guide us.

Again, this would be a great initiative for staffing agencies to take.  With the economy not being like it once was, it makes it harder for people to move out of a job or pick up another from unemployment.  What could you do in the interim of the next job offer?  Learn and pick up more skills.


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