Rant of the Week

 I am incorporating a Rant of the Week post to my blog.   I might have more than 1 rant in a post but this week there is only 1.

This keeps happening to me and I need to vent it out real quick.

Why are companies having  the interviewee meeting with multiple people for 1 role?  You now find yourself at an interview not for 30 minutes to an hour, but 2-3 hours.  I sat in an interview today for an hour and a half with a small test beforehand.  Why not just place everyone in the same meeting sitting across from the interviewee like a firing squad?    You sitting there with your mouth going dry from all the talking.  Your butt is hurting from sitting for a long period of time without the ability to stand or stretch your legs.  Lets get the situation over with and having all the questions answered all at once.

What exactly are you looking for?  These jobs are not rocket science.  If their track record indicates they can handle the role, then present it on a trial basis to see how they pan out.  If they can grasp the duties quickly with minimal hiccups then continue on.  If not, thank you for coming out but it is not a good fit.

They make getting a job HARDER than it ever was before and it makes me wish I had more clients of my own where I didn’t need to go back into the workforce.  It absolutely drains you.

Ok – I think I’m done with my rant, Ha!


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