Ebola – too close for comfort

I am hearing too much of hospitals and authorities of not being prepared than of them stopping it at the door.  There are way too many inept people in the position to keep people safe from harm.  We are aware of these existing diseases, but it looks as though we WAIT until it hits us at HOME before we have steps in place (or even think of steps).

Whatever happened to having preventive measures?

Why wasn’t there steps in place administered on returns from possibly affected countries at airports from the get go?  What are you screening for?

There are too many questions related to our safety on all levels.  There are too many unanswered questions.    It just lets you know that the “people” in charge are not up to doing their job.  One minute we got a man storming the White House and actually making it in the home.  Where was the secret service? Sleep?  It’s like going to bed at night and leaving your front and back door WIDE open.  There is NO WAY Ebola should have made it onto American soil.  Do your job! Period.  Ebola was placed on our radar the moment 2 Americans were infected and brought to the states in a special plane and treated.  Things should have been put into place then.  Now, there are millions of American lives at stake because of the improper handling of service at the hospital level.  Ok – so he made it through customs (error #1) and went to the hospital.  The man had 103 degree temperature.  Why was he sent home (error #2)?  I cannot say it enough – DO YOUR JOB.  He has come in contact with many people (including children) who have also come in contact with other people and so on.  How am I to know it hasn’t made it to Chicago?  I don’t.

It makes you wish you could live in a bubble somewhere in the mountains like a hermit.  People in safety are too lax for me and it is getting worse as time goes by.  Ebola is not the flu or the common cold.  This Ebola outbreak is too close to home.  Now, there is a Ebola death in Germany.  See – no no no!  This is too much.  Point blank. Period (in my Tamar voice). You should not be in healthcare or security (of any form) if you are not up to the challenge EVERY DAY!!!!  You have to be on point every single day.  Lives of the many are within your hands.  Every last person that is coming from Africa needs to be screened thoroughly.  Just because they flew in from outside the West African area does not mean they didn’t visit the West African area on their trip there.  If you coming from that continent, then you need to be put into a room and checked.  I am not trying to say you got it, BUT I need to make sure before you can continue on.  If the government wants to check my flip flops/gymshoes at the airport for explosives, then you need to be detained for possible physical contamination.  I’d rather take my clothes off at the check points than to catch Ebola, Malaria, or any other disease.  I got enough problems.


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