I just saw the Equalizer and I must say…it was AWESOME!  I absolutely love the movie and wish I could’ve brought it home and watched it again.  There were some film critics that said it was predictable.  There was nothing predictable about this movie.  You did not know exactly what he was going to do in each scene.  It was great.  I refuse to listen to film critics because they will say a movie is good and it sucks or a movie isn’t good and it was great.  I like watching things for myself.  Let me be the critic for myself.

During an interview with Denzel Washington, David Letterman stated (paraphrasing): “you are a fool if you do not go see this movie”.  This was a great way to spend my afternoon.  I was not disappointed.

There were 2 main lessons in the movie: do not underestimate a person and be good to people.   There were other lessons taught in the movie (during his interactions with other characters).  It’s another comment Denzel’s character made, “it’s about progression not perfection”.  I try to incorporate that into my life everyday.  Too Good!

Tonight, after my Wednesday night TV lineup, it will be Denzel Washington movie night.  I think I might have to watch either Out of Time, Man on Fire, Safe House, 2 Guns, or Mighty Quinn (oldie but goodie – Ha).

Recommendation for Equalizer: GO SEE

I would say more of what happened in the movie, but I will NOT in the event you go check it out.


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