Today, my mother and I went to Chili’s (a side step to the reason we left the house in the 1st place).  Normally, when I went to Chili’s I would get the Cajun Pasta w/ chicken or the Quesadillas.  So, I changed it up in terms of thinking more healthy.  Low and behold the Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl wasn’t so healthy.

The dish has the following ingredients: corn/black bean salsa, rice/chipotle pesto topped with shredded cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, fresh field greens, chopped cilantro, avocado slices, some tortilla chips, and cumin-lime sour cream.  Can you guess how many calories was in this?  I am going to tell you. 940 FREAKIN CALORIES!!!!!  WTH??  Wait.  It gets better.  Can you guess the sodium intake?  It will blow your head off.  2680mg of sodium in this 1 dish.  Outrageous!!!

It looks as though I cannot patronize this place again.  My family is riddled with extreme high blood pressure, diabetes, and other ailments.  I cannot continue to eat things that are not marginalized in the fat, salt, & calorie content.  Everything made will have salt, but that much salt?  Everything will have a calorie count, but that high?  My dish of choice was better than the Cajun Pasta w/ chicken because that is 1270 calories with a salt intake of 4580mg, but come on.  I wish my phone wasn’t so bootleg and cutting off because I would have checked their nutrition before I ordered.  I would’ve told my mom lets leave and just go get a slice of Sbarro pizza for less calories and salt.    I log in everything I eat and this has practically killed my calories for the day.  My heart is pounding harder and I have a slight headache.  I know I had too much salt because of these 2 factors.  I never get headaches so this was a tell tale.  I am so disappointed.  Highlight: Blackberry Iced Tea was good.  It just needed a little bit more of the blackberry flavor.


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