When Loyal is Too Loyal

I’m watching this movie called “The Last Letter” starring Sharon Leal and Omari Hardwick on Netflix.  There is a scene in the movie that is reminiscent of my life.  I felt for Omari’s character and was angry with him.  It looks like he worked in Advertising managing his own team.  His boss comes into his office stating that the company is downsizing and he has to choose 3 of his 5 team members to be let go.  Then, in the same breath bring in his nephew to have Omari’s character train.  Question?  Why am I training someone (your family) if I am letting 3 of my people go?  Later, he went out with a co-worker and his wife on a double date for drinks.  He brings it up to his co-worker and the co-worker hadn’t heard anything about downsizing.  Red Flag alert!!!!!

He has busted his butt for this company (obtaining huge clients) and he is informed by his co-worker that the boss is letting him go (& take the package offered).  During this conversation, Omari’s character says to his co-worker, I trained you & you telling me that I am fired?

Now, if this isn’t a slap in the face to a loyal employee then I do not know what is.  You come to work every day, do your job, do extra, and you do not received the appropriate accolades.  These companies (bosses) will USE YOU and ABUSE YOU, but will drop you as soon as it fits them even though you helped them get to where they are.  Evidently, he is stellar at his job because he is training people who are NOW practically over him.  The boss’s nephew is now a manager because of Omari’s character.  This is exactly why employees should never be loyal to a company because they are not loyal to you.

 I take a huge offense to this because this happened to me in my last position.  There were new people coming in and out and I helped train every last one of them.  When new positions opened on other teams, I went for them because I was interested in being more involved with the company.  Did I get those positions? NO!  You know who got them? The people I trained.  A huge slap in my face.  So, when I was laid off I was ecstatic.  I could not have been happier because I was finally out of a company I could not leave nor advance within.  Some people have said it was because I was black or maybe because I wasn’t kissing up to the bosses.  All of those things could have been a mediocre reason to pass me over, but it is their loss.  Plus, me work is supposed to speak for me NOT doing something I do not get paid to do.  If it is a reputable company, you would authentic in that way not thinking socializing is the way to go. **It was quite offensive that I was the ONLY African American worker in the company for quite some time.  I should’ve seen something then, but I will not assume… much – Ha**

When I am employed with a company, I come 100% and nothing less.  That’s what has been instilled in me as a child and I enforce that in everything I do.  It would be nice to be recognized for the contributions that I bring.  It would be nice to be respected and appreciated for the work ethic that I behold.  It would be nice to have bosses or companies actually feel an obligation to actually bring up the ranks those that deserve it NOT those that brown nose their way to the top (& ask others for help & take the credit).  It makes you want to start your own business because you know how companies operate.

I am not telling you to go to work and be lax.  I am saying do your job, and do it well, but do not be naive to their ways.  You work your hardest to get to where you are and still cannot get traction.  Keep your eyes open and focus.  You have to know your value. If they do not see it and you do not see light in that tunnel for advancement, check the other tunnels.   It took a while for me to get to that next step, but I FINALLY found 1 that saw passed what others refused to.  So, it does happen.


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