Exploration of the unknown

I’m sitting here on a Saturday night watching what some men would call “Chick Flicks”.  (**Yes – I am in the house on the weekend.  It is by choice.**)  One of my faves is Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough, which I am watching now.  Every woman wants to feel that passion, desire, and connection with another. Yes – these are movies.  Yes – it is fantasy because 70% of what is depicted in the movie actually doesn’t happen in real life.  These movies provide a dream that we know will never come true.  When he makes you feel like you are important, it is everything.  It is what drives us.  It is what helps us thrive.

When you love and feel loved, you feel like you can do almost anything.  Every time I watch these kinds of movies, I think about all the possibilities that we have in life.  We either pass on them or go for it.  Unfortunately, it is always that 50/50 split.  I wonder why we never ALWAYS “explore the unknown”.  Life is about taking risks.   We take risks every day, so why not when it comes to relationships? We have 1 life and there is a purpose in it.

We always say, “I know this and I know that”, but in reality, we do not know squat.  Relationships tend to create who we are as people.  Through those relationships, we figure out things about ourselves and the things we need out of our partners.  As we age, we are supposed to mature and have a new insight on how things would go.  With those years come experience and some Intel on how to approach any given situation.  It is how we get through to the next level.  Once your selfishness, ignorance, immaturity, and fear subside, you will be able to see clearer what is right in front of your face.

Overcome the unknown because it can open a world you never knew existed.  It is bout time those dreams/fantasies are turned into reality.


2 thoughts on “Exploration of the unknown

  1. I live that blessed life, where I live with the freedom of exploring loves bountiful bliss, along with the freedom to express love to whom ever. People have this code, where we dare not say “I love you” without a reason. For me? I’ve thrown out those reasons, life is too short and love is too much of a precious gift to keep on the shelf.
    “Be the precious light you’re cultivating, and express it often.
    My love and gratitude to you…


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