Who watches Resurrection?  The 1st season was so much better.  This season is seriously dragging.  There are too many questions and not enough answers.  You have people returning but no information is circulating on how that is.  The end of the last season showed the returned being housed in one place.  This season there has been no information on where those returned were taken.  More people have been introduced and still nothing.  You kill Omar Epps character and bring him back as a returned.  It looks like they are trying to say the returned can be “removed” if they were burned.  This is an assumption off of the grandmother’s character recollection of when she was a little girl.  Now, today’s episode shows the returned getting sick. Jake’s grandmother has a huge secret. She is saying that if you “let go”, then the pain will go away.  So, now if they let go of the pain, confusion, and whatever other feeling they are having then they disappear.  The guy Caleb from the 1st season disappeared from jail and he wasn’t sick and didn’t feel like he was in pain or their to make things right.

There is way too much happening and it isn’t making any sense to me.  I would rather it had come out that the government tried an experiment on this small town and they didn’t realize the side effect was coming back from the dead.  Whomever is writing for this show needs to bring more to the table in regards to answers.   I was looking for answers within season 2, but in returned received nothing but more confusion.  My mom and I are giving up on the show.  We promised to give it 1 more episode.

Are you having the same issues with the TV show or is it ok?


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