Last Hurrah

I cannot believe that I have 1 more day before I start my new job.   I love the fact that I am finally able to be hands on with the inception of the projects.   These 3 weeks have gone by so slowly.  I have been wanting to start since I was offered the position.  It is finally here and all I can think is: What did I get myself in to?  I’ve gotten so used to working sporadically that the Mon-Fri schedule is going to tire me out – FAST until I get back conditioned.  Plus, I’ve created this routine and now I have to create another one.

This year has been an absolute journey.  So, tomorrow I am going to have a good ol’ time – Ha!  I am going to have several drinks in celebration of such a HUGE accomplishment.  It’s a new beginning and I’m getting myself mentally ready.

Who is going to record The Real talk show for me?  I do not have cable to see the repeat in the evening on BET. *smile*


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