Dear White People Movie

I went to the movies today and checked out, Dear White People.  I appreciate the humor they spun on such a not so funny subject.  It allowed you to feel comfortable with watching and discussing the subject matter of race relations.  Unfortunately, there were more than a few factual comments made in the movie.  Your experience dictates your thought process and how you handle certain situations.  People who do not experience racism or have never experienced it believe it to be over.  People who deal with racism regularly in various forms KNOW it is alive and well.  All it did was transform itself into something more manipulative than blunt.  It is camouflaged to the unintended target.  It ranges from losing a job to a person who is not qualified to being watched a store as you shop.

It breaks away at the very purpose of living in America: being free and respected.  Case in point: I was at a food truck getting some tea.  The employee standing out front told me that all they had was herbal tea.  So, we (my mom, sister, & I) proceeded to get herbal tea.  As we were waiting for our tea, a white man walked up and the employee standing out front said “Good afternoon Sir.  what would you like?  We have herbal, black, and green tea.  You should try the green tea.  It is awesome.”  It is on a smaller scale but how is it that this customer received the royal treatment and I got the all you can get attitude?  People of different races need to realize that it is not a sensitive subject, but a REAL subject.  It is not made up in our minds of how things are happening around us or to us.  It is because it doesn’t happen to you that you find it hard to fathom.

The movie shows you things that we see every day and things we ignore.  There were things in the movie that aggravated me from both sides of the argument.  This is a movie that will definitely get you talking.  My friend and I went for lunch afterwards and this was a hot topic at the table.

Recommendation: GO SEE!  It’ll get you talking.


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