Step It Up

Step it up men (some of you).  This weekend, I went to a guy friend’s house after being out for drinks with my friend.  **this guy has been wanting to date me for years, but something has been telling me that it was a no go**  This confirmed my gut feeling. I get to the house and the blinds that cover the front door window are broken and hanging.  There is no privacy there.  He takes me into the basement where he sleeps (which is no problem).  The basement stairs are short, steep, & narrow, prime for falling if not careful.  When I finally make it down the stairs, it was dirty with only a barber chair to sit in.  It was dirt, papers, clothes, and whatever else on the floor of the main room.

As anyone that is new to a place would do, you scope out the space.  The only place I could sit was in his bedroom on his bed (which was on the floor and not a frame).  The bathroom was filthy and had a broken doorknob with a huge hole.  This place was not inviting and just let me know one thing.  If you cannot take care of yourself that means you cannot take care of me.  You choose to live this way and want me to accept it.  Ummm, no!  I would have felt better if the place was clean without furniture.  The fact that you live with dirt every where lets me know things about you I didn’t want to know.

We (women) aren’t asking you to have a huge mansion with billions of dollars in the bank.  Of course, it couldn’t hurt to have those things (lol), but we watch you.  We listen to you.  We look at how you handle certain situations.  We check out your hygiene.  We look at your ambition, drive, passion, and how you handle every day occasions.  We monitor all of these things to see if you are a match for the long haul.  So, if you want an educated woman that has some class, a high level of self-worth, and striving to live a better life, the your particular basement life is a definite NO!!!



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