Gone Girl

OMG! This movie was great! It was so good I didn’t notice it was 2 1/2 hours long.  Man, this movie had me tripped out. Everyone was great.  Rosamund Pike’s character, Amy, was crazy.  The lengths she went through to get back at Nick (Ben Affleck’s character) was psychotic.  It was team too much (in my Tamar voice).  Yeah, he did what a lot of men do, but the money situation.  Did he ask you to do that?  If you have to go to that dark place then it’s time to leave. When she had him in that room holding the cat watching that locked door everyone in the theater either said, “Don’t go to sleep” or “I’d watch the door too” amongst the snickering.
My friend and I went to check it out last night.  The whole conversation in the car was “if it’s like that then I’m going to stay single”.  We want that “great relationship”, but this made us question our wants (ha).  There was a scene with a wine bottle.  It really tainted my vision of wine.  I love wine.  Ruthless!!!
I loved Nick’s sister and the lawyer Tanner played by Tyler Perry.  He made me laugh a lot.
I wish I could watch it again tonight in the comforts of my own home. 

Recommendation: Go See!!!!


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