A Night at the Improv – David Alan Grier



Last night, my mom, sister, and I went to the Improv to check out, the one & only, David Alan Grier.  He had us crying so hard that I thought I was gone pee on myself.   We needed that comic relief.  Every time he made a joke he would make a crazy facial expression.  We would be laughing so hard that we’d almost miss the next one.  When he said he needed the President to stop acting beige and act black kinda like Suge Knight, Lil Wayne, or Wesley Snipes before the tax evasion.  Hilarious!! It was such a  great night.
We even got the chance to meet him after the show.  Of course, he was joking around then.  My mom had a complimentary glass from getting the bottomless drink.  He told her, “put this big a** glass down so we can take this picture”(lol).  As we prepping for the picture, he asks who my sister & I were and my mom said “my daughters”.  He said “tell your daughters they momma bout to get hit on”.  We laughed hard & you can tell in our photo with him. 
On the drive home, we quoting many of the characters he has played from Antoine or Mr. McAfee from In Living Color or Gerard from Boomerang.  

His opening comic, Mike Flanagan (I hope that was his first name) was funny too.  Normally,  the opening acts arent, but last night was a pleasant surprise.   When he tried to correct his date saying it’s Florida and NOT Flo Rida, I fell out laughing.  I need more nights like that.


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