Co-Worker from Hell

How in the world did I acquire a co-worker from hell after only being with the company for 30 days?  Today, she asked me what I was doing for lunch.  I told her that I was staying at my desk so I could look up some things for my nephew’s birthday.  She said, “oh ok” and left.  I thought it was over then.  Five minutes later, she reappears with her beefaroni and sits in the other chair I have.  I looked at her and said, “what are you doing”?  She said, “I’m having lunch”.  I’m like, “you have an office”.  “I was looking to be alone”.  Did she leave? No!!!  To keep from going ape, I let her sit there, but I practically ignored her.  She tried to ask questions on what I was looking at, but I kept it on what I was trying to do.  She has danced on my last nerve.

She literally clings herself to me every day as if she has no responsibilities. I am new and trying to get acclimated to the environment and duties.  Due to her consistent disturbance, I am not able to handle all tasks as much as I need to because of it.  The insane part of this is that she is in HR.  HR!!!!  A person in HR (human resources) is supposed to set the tone of how you are supposed to act in the workplace.

She talks so loudly that I believe someone 3 cubicles down can hear her.  She always wants to have a conversation on her boyfriend (who is always not doing something right).  She even doesn’t use a filter in her conversations.  She has dropped the N word in conversation and lacks the professional skills to be considered beneficial.  She wonders why she has not been asked to come on as a Full-time employee.  People talk and it is important to be seen as professional as possible in a corporate setting.

She is making this experience for me a bittersweet one.  How am I supposed to be viewed as “valuable”  and an “asset” when I’m surrounded by this “shadow” throughout the day?  How can I be taken seriously when it looks like all I do is talk?  I’ve tried being nice about it and letting her know that I need to get work done.  Is she looking for me to be rude?  Are you that bored where you would place my job in jeopardy?  What would it take to get you to stay in your office and find things to do?  It is driving me bananas.

I am so glad that she is off tomorrow.  I do not have to worry about her appearing at my desk and not feeling that she needs to leave.  Oh, how I wish she could catch a clue.


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