Goapele at Concord Music Hall


Wednesday night, my friend and I went to Concord Music Hall to see Goapele.  For those that do not know who this artist is, she is a Soul & R/B singer.  She has a beautiful flow to her vocals like Amel Larrieux and Jill Scott. 
I left right after work, so you know I was tired.  Doors didn’t open until 630p, so I sat there in my car for 45 minutes 1, waiting to get in and 2, for my friend to get there.  When we got in, it was standing room only.  Looks like there was some seating but designated for certain people.  I was OK standing up for a little but the whole time?…no.  I wore wedges boots all day at work so standing for 3 hrs was out of the question. 

Goapele was supposed to hit the stage at 815p, but hit it at about 840p.  We stayed until 915p then we had to go.  There was a birthday party at work the next day and I promised I would make my southwestern chopped salad with homemade cilantro dressing.  Of that half hour of stage time, I enjoyed every minute of it. I had to pop in her  CD as I drove home. It’s good to be reintroduced to an artist that doesn’t get as much airtime as others (& that you truly enjoy). 

It was a great show (from what I saw).  She was beautiful.  The last time I saw her she had long dreads, but now she had a small, blonde fro.  Her hairstyle made her dimples even more prominent  (I love dimples).  I hope she comes back but on a weekend day.


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