The Gambler – Advanced Screening

Tonight, my sister and I met up to see the advanced screening of The Gambler with Mark Wahlberg.  Any time I see that amount of money in one place I get super excited.  The way he was dropping money on the blackjack table made me scream out in the theater.  OMG!!!!  I get upset when I lose $80, but that kind of money????…I was shaking in my boots for him.  He kept betting like he knew he was going to win and then when he lost BIG he would ask for more loans.  Dude?  You a** out (in a deep hole) and you asking to make the hole bigger?  WOW!  I was in awe of his audacity.  You find yourself watching in disbelief how he is able to throw money away with disregard to the consequences.  The whole time I was in the movie theater I was thinking of what I could do with the money he was losing & owed.  I will NEVER put that monkey on my back because it’s too expensive to carry.  I shake at owing $100.

Now, the ending I felt could’ve been done a little differently.  It felt like something was missing.  I knew the reason he went back to that hotel/apt (whatever that place was) was for the girl.  He wants a life with a family of his own.  So, does he go to her penniless?  Is this his fresh start?  It left questions and maybe someone can tell me what I missed.  I do not want to say too much and give it all away.



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