My friend is going back home for the holidays, so we met tonight for dinner before she left.  OMG!!!!  I have always loved dining at this place and tonight was no exception.  We lost our minds and the bill reflected it.  We didn’t care.  We enjoyed ourselves and the food was excellent as always.

The highlight of the night besides the great conversation (& playful banter with management): Sgroppino (dessert cocktail).  This was so delicious that I wanted to order another.  We ordered this item because it was very “familiar”.  I saw an item describing the contents in a tasty looking drink on Pinterest.  It was made of Lemon Sorbet, vodka, and italian Prosecco.  The only difference in the two is that the one from Quartino’s was made with Lemon Gelato.  It looked like milk, but tasted nothing like it.  I was so in awe that I was upset that I didn’t try this sooner.  There would’ve been a picture, but it wouldn’t have done it justice…remember it looked like milk.

I plan on going back but I think I will wait for the summer because I want to dine outside.

Things to try here: Sauteed Spinach – Penne alla Vodka – Broccoli Rabe – Roasted Peppers – Caprese Salad – Romaine Hearts – Wild Arugula – ANYTHING on the wine list (Ha).  There are some things I couldn’t touch because I don’t eat pork, but definitely try it and let me know your thoughts.  I wish I could try the Duck Prosciutto. I haven’t tried their pizza yet, but it is next on the list.



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