Top Five

Top Five had me laughing throughout just NOT from the main character, Andre played by Chris Rock (sorry).  He had a few moments where I chuckled, but not as much as the others.  I laughed the hardest when he went back to his old “stomping grounds” where the discussion kicked off with their Top Five.  I do NOT remember this tall sistah’s real name, but her character was Lisa (I have seen her before and I will drive me insane until I figure out where I seen her).  She told Andre that her “husband can’t go because he gone be making it rain too much and we need those dollars”.  You have to hear her say it for it to be funny.  When she told Tracy Morgan’s character, Fred “how you gone get a tax refund off zero?  You gotta work to get something back.”  LOL.  I was cracking up laughing so hard.

The scene with DMX had me rolling.   DMX should’ve stopped at the first “smile” – Ha.  What? (*in my DMX voice*)  This scene was similar to the scene in Coming to America with Eddie Murphy where he was singing in the street and the people from the surrounding buildings were telling him to shut up (lol).  Too Funny!   The whole movie had a Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (movie with Martin Lawrence) feel to me.  I could be wrong.   Both characters were engaged to reality stars who were on Team Too Much for way too long.  Both characters traveled through their lives and came to a conclusion that how they were living wasn’t how they wanted it to be.  It took another woman to help them see the big picture.

What I truly enjoyed about this movie besides the chuckles (of course) was the relationship that developed over the course of 1 day.  It didn’t begin off of attraction.  It began through getting to know one another naturally and not force.  Of course, they were attracted to each other, but the foundation came from business, her interview of him.  I loved their “rigorous truth” & how it didn’t affect their view of the other.  People are not honest like that.  Unfortunately, people cannot accept the truth nor deal with it.  It would be nice to let go of all your walls and let someone see ALL of you without judgment.

Due to the actions of Chelsea (Rosario Dawson’s character   – she is so pretty), I will NOT look at tampons the same again – he he.  Kudos to all the stars from Chris Rock to Ben Vereen who had a brief cameo in the movie.  Normally, I would’nt buy a Chris Rock movie, but I think I will buy this one.


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