RIP: ESPN Sports Anchor, Stuart Scott

I woke up this morning to the disheartening news of Stuart Scott’s death.  It threw me for a loop because when you wake up some things just do not register right off.  I sat there like, “Stuart Scott, Stuart Scott…I know that name.  Why do I know that name?”  I looked him up and his face told it all.  He was (is) on of my favorite sports anchors (commentator).  I knew he was battling an illness some time back and to know it came back is saddening.

I started to read up on his life.  He was a Chicago Native (woo Hoo – lol), but raised in NC (North Carolina) with his 2 sisters and brother.  He started at ESPN then moved over to ESPN2.  I saw an earlier picture of him from 1993 – WOW!  He had the box hair cut.  I’m so used to the short hair cut that it kind of gave me a little chuckle – Ha. I did not know that he popularized the catchphrases: Boo-yah & As Cool As the other side of the pillow.  Every time I play the shooting game at Dave & Busters, I hear that shouted out when I hit 3 or more in a row.  (*You learn some thing new everyday*)   That’s Awesome!

This announcement may be saddening, but it is bittersweet.  He lived a beautiful life, no matter how short, & choose to keep moving forward through adversity.   It does show you (with all deaths) that life is short whether taken by illness or incident.  Mistakes cannot be undone, but they can be corrected.  He showed you how you can have fun in your life even on the job.  You just have to seek it and follow through without negativity.  He continued to strut through through the world (on/off TV) without regard to this cancer taking over his world.  He showed the world that no matter what happened or what is happening I will do what I want/need to do in order to move forward.  I wonder who they are going to try and have in his place.  My familiar face is gone now.

So, to cap this post I will say this:  Take the time out to listen to your mind/heart collectively.  Weigh all of the things that hinder your progression and what strengthens the path to your goal.  Take the steps and remove the people you know do not mean you good.  Take steps in obtaining those you know mean you no harm.  There is nothing worse than knowing that you need to do and not do it.


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