Artist of the Month – Ivey Hayes


In 2015, I’ve decided to incorporate more artistic expression in my blog. Today is the first of many more to come. So, I’m introducing today’s choice: Ivey Hayes. Hayes has been a favorite of mine for years. His piece called “The Piano Man” was the first print that I ever bought. The last piece that I acquired as a holiday gift was his “Sky Dancers”. That was the best gift that I have ever gotten. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to put it on my wall. Of course, i had to wait. I needed the right frame.

All four prints pictured above are those that I have in my office. Those of you that have never heard of him, check him out at There are so many awesome prints to view. His use of color; his use of lighting; how he captures the fun in nightlife in his Jazz art & yet captures the serenity in his coastal art. It’s works like these that drive me to sketch more, design more, or just be creative.

Pictured above: (top row) Piano Man & Sky Dancers (Bottom row) Saturday Night Trio & Dancers with Black skin


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