State of the Union Address

I absolutely LOVE this man.  Mr. President is phenomenal.  I know some people might not agree with me BUT so what.  For me, it’s not about Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever, but common sense (which unfortunately isn’t so common).  From my point of view, the basis of his speech was to make AMERICA (the UNITED STATES) a powerhouse and the  back & forth arguing is hindering that mission.  Do you hate him that much where you cannot see he is trying to help the millions of people out here struggling to make ends meet?

He was right in saying “if you can tell someone that you can raise your family on $15K, then try it”.  You sit in your huge house where the mortgage is $5k/month or more (paying it without hesitation), but “we” sit in a 1-2 bedroom apartment and can hardly afford to pay the $850-$900/month rent.  Student loans, gas, food, car maintenance, doctor bills, car insurance, child care, and etc are killing us but low wages are enough?  NO!  They are not enough.  $35K a year is not enough paying those same bills.  I will surely flip flop and watch you want to jump off of a cliff using the wages I earn.  It is about respect and providing people with what they have worked hard to earn and have yet to receive.

There is too much backsliding and passing money among the rich bypassing the poor.  You want to live that American Dream but it keeps getting snatched out from under you with every overwhelming bills that hits your table every month.  You could be in a position where you can pay all of your bills, but now you can’t eat.  You need people to work together, but it has been so much about self for so long that it would be a huge hurdle to overcome.  If it ever gets jumped.  As the President stated so eloquently before “if it hasn’t worked in 50 years then it’s time to try something new”.   This is true on so many levels.  We are so grandfathered into our own mindset that we refuse to see the new age way of thinking could actually bring you out the fire.  Change is a constant & will never die.  There are times where you will need to change and if you choose not to then it will pass you by and leave you behind.  At that point, there will be  much work to do in order to catch up.

I wish the FREE Community College was available when I started college years ago.  That would have been something that I definitely would have taken advantage.  When you provide someone with incentives it boosts their need to reach the end goal.  It’s important to give people something to look forward to or work towards in order to receive a common goal.

There is so much to be looked at from cyber-security to Ebola outbreaks to the economy.  We need to take down terrorists.  We need to find various ways to protect ourselves.  We need to handle the violence plaguing the world from US, to Africa, to Europe.   If we take it 1 day at a time, there should be a happy medium somewhere.  Not everyone will be happy but the majority needs to be.  This sounds real good (I know), but I do live in reality and I do not foresee everyone working with each other to make it better.  That would be too much like right.


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