My aunt wanted to take my grandmother to see Selma because she had been talking about it for weeks.  This was a treat because she never wants to go to the movies. So, we decided to go which was good because this was an introduction to my nephew on racist acts. 
   I absolutely LOVED the movie.  Everyone chosen have some resemblance to the actual person they are portraying. I appreciated the depiction of King’s life as a man, a friend, & as a leader.  You saw his feeling of doubt, sorrow, laughter, fear, & strength.  You see the relationship he has with his wife, his friends, and surrounding followers.  I liked how he was portrayed as human and not so broadly like most movies.  It was about the people and not just about the purpose. 
     Within the first 10 minutes I screamed out before I knew it when it showed the bombing of the church killing the four little girls.  I was hooked from that moment.   I went through several emotions within those 2 hours.  I was happy, proud, angry, hurt, and disgusted.  It makes me think of what my grandparents went through, what my mom witnessed, & how we have progressed.  It makes me think of current actions with cops and how still need some work. 
   What it has created in me is a need to stay focused on progression, love, relationships, volunteering,  and other things that gears toward humanity.  Selma has broaden my eyes on the actual events dealing with voter’s rights, the hoops jumped through just to be heard, and the how overcoming fear can get you to a better place. 
   It is a definite Go-See.  It is not for kids of all ages but it is one that older kids need to see & understand what has occurred in history.   This is our history;  American history.  It is a story that needs to be combed through not raked over. 

Absolutely Awesome!!!


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